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Weighing, cutting and packing of vine tomatoes

Tomato Vine Processing

Using our in-house designed scanning system and bespoke software, we can scan a whole vine product and determine the weight and position of every tomato on the vine to an accuracy of 1g per tomato and a position within 0.5mm.

This enables us to cut the vine according to pack weight accurately. The algorithm calculates the best cut point for every pack and tracks the cut vine parts at every stage along the conveyor.

The packing robots select the vine according to weight using pressure-sensitive grippers that pick the vine bundle and pack it into trays according to the target pack weight.

  • Scans a whole vine in milliseconds.

  • It breaks up the vine into the most efficient parts and sends the data to the cutting robot.

  • The cutting robot cuts each vine according to the pack weight.

  • The Packing robots pack the containers according to pack weight.

  • Packs then go on for further processing.

  • Two cutting heads and four packing robots will process an average of 50 packs per minute.

Incredible versatility across a wide envelope

The SoftGrippers are lightweight, easy to operate and have no sharp edges. The core of our grippers are the fingers. They adapt to the shape of any object without damaging the surface. The main advantages are the low weight, the speed and the capability to work with all kinds of food. Our pneumatically driven fingers are made of FDA-approved silicon rubber. We guarantee a more than 10 million cycles lifetime at 1 bar pressure. 

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