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Vibratory Conveyors

All of our Vibratory Conveyors Feature:

  • Minimal parts and spares required

  • Easy to clean as one-piece construction

  • Typically low energy use (as little as 14p/hr

  • 18-degree incline achievable

  • Outstanding ROI due to the longevity of manufacturing

  • Reduced downtime

  • Can include soft starts

  • Variable speed options allow for full controllability

  • IP65-rated control panels with IP69 coil drives

  • Continuous welding so no bug traps

  • Ultra-low noise typically 60db

The Key Benefits

By utilising a vibratory conveyor in a continuous oven, frying, or freezer setup, the metered product must be delivered to the system to achieve the best balance of in and out and an accurate process time. Continuous cooking or freezing using a vibratory conveyor can deliver a regulated and even a single layer of product.


Minimal Intervention

Pound Sterling

Increase Profitability


Reduce Downtime


Maximise Efficiency


Reduce Rejects

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Please feel free to send us your product for evaluation along with your details, and we will happily test it on our machines.

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