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We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Global AGV as their dealer/integrator in the UK.

Right now, companies are desperately seeking skilled manpower and are therefore looking to automate their manual forklifts to keep up with increasing demand.

The solution is Global AGV.

An automated guided vehicle designed for a modern and simple work environment with a focus on optimizing resources and increasing competitiveness and employee well-being.

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Global AGV is a Stand-Alone logistics solution that is intelligent and can index where and when the pallets should be collected, and where they need to be
delivered, and even synchronize with other logistics processes.
Our proven technology takes care of the internal logistics, minimizing workplace accidents, damaged goods, and incidents in the warehouse.

For a free demonstration at our factory in Cambridgeshire.

With its 360º navigation system at a height of 2.2m, Global AGV scans its surroundings to safely transport goods both alongside humans and other machines. Even if there are unexpected obstacles along the route, accident and injury statistics show that Global AGVs are faster and safer than traditional forklift trucks.
Global AGVs’ navigation systems also simplify the design of routes and work processes – it’s just a case of drawing a path on the map. And should your logistics flow change, you just reset and design the new route again, and again, and again.
All pallet flows can be tracked from all devices, so you can follow everything from workflow to flow analysis, and optimize and save up to 60% on simple pallet transport tasks.
• Stand-alone product
• Short lead time: 4 weeks
• Installation: 2-3 days
• Payback period: less than one year.
• Capacity: 1200–1400kg.
• Complies with internationally recognized  certification
• Components: Linde, Sick and Beckhoff
• 2-in-1 dual-mode – both manual and automatic

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Safety is at the heart of everything we do!

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