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Chicken processing line that can weigh, allign and pack  to a target weight

Chicken Processing & Packing

A Versatile solution for Chicken Processing

Chicken Processing

Our chicken processing line is capable of; scanning, weighing and orienting fresh chicken breasts at the rate of 4100/hr per module.
The system can be used to either orientate chicken before further processing, like cooking or, it can be used to determine the weight of every piece of chicken and pack to a target weight, minimising giveaway.
TWO systems, ONE design...

Chicken line weighing and packing chicken to a target weight.
  • Over 4100 chicken breasts/hour. can be processed per module

  • A 6-module system will process 25,000 chicken breasts per hour.

  • Orientate every breast the same way.

  • Place every breast membrane down.

  • Scale to your production needs.

  • Know exactly how many processed units per shift.

  • Dynamic weighing tells you your processed tonnage per hour.

Data Example
Cicken line for orientating breasts prior to cooking
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