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Filter Regulator

AirPlus Size 1 Filter/regulator unit, G1/4 ports, c/w integra

Filter Regulator

  • Filter – diaphragm pressure regulator with relieving
    Available in 4 sizes with flow rates up to 8000 Nl/min and connections from 1/8” to 1”
    Low histeresis rolling diaphragm and balanced spool
    Filtering element made of HDPE available in 3 different filtration grades (5μm, 20μm and 50μm)
    Bowl assembly via bayonet type quick coupling mechanism with safety button
    Semi-automatic or automatic drain
    Available in four pressure ranges up to 12 bar
    Fitted with panel mounting locking ring
    Available with pressure gauge or digital pressure switch integrated
    Atex certification (II 2GD or II 3GD) inlet pressures up to 20 bar

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