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Wyzo™ has just landed.

The world’s first high-speed pick & place technology able to work with your production team. 
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Take both high performance and simplicity at the same time


Use any regular end-effectors for your application


Gorgeous appearance, Wyzo™ acts as a real team member, side-by-side


Start your production tomorrow. Installation in no time


The easiest pick & place programming! Intuitive interface and user experience

We offer a free analysis of your proposed automation using Wyzo.

Our software takes account of the environment the Wyzo will be working in, product being processed and the speeds you need to work at.

If you have an enquiry and want to evaluate how Wyzo will work please get in touch with one of the team.

  • Integrated vision system with up to 2 cameras

  • Flying pick-up on conveyors

  • Collaborative certified safety control system

  • A Delta robot optimized for callaboration

  • 2 safety laser scanners detect if an operator moves into safety zone

  • The worlds first high-speed pick and place able to work with your production team

  • Integrated vacuum generation

  • Ethernet port for real time communication

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