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  •  Adjustable to suit conveyor

  •  Regulates optimal spaces between trays to maximise Spiral Freezer capacity

  • Orientates the Food Tray to any angle between 0° and 180°

  • Adjustable up to 300mm wide trays

  • Up to 50 trays per minute

  • Fully autonomous, no need to link into existing control panels

  • Fast changeover between tray types

  • Stainless steel construction for easy wipe down

  • Quick release on vacuum system keeps contamination out of the system

Not all automation solutions need to be complicated.

At Vita Nova we work tirelessly with your Project Team to fully understand your needs and objectives.

Only once this has been done will we look at a solution.

Sometimes its a Robot, and sometimes its a far less complicated and simple solution.

We are as passionate as your are to streamline your manufacturing process and automate out unnecessary manual labour so you can re-task across your business.

  • 50 trays per minute can be marshalled, orientated and spaced

  • Simple Power and Air connections

  • Can be moved in and out of Production Lines with ease

  • All Sensors are IP69K

  • Available in single and double lane versions

  • Angled or round surfaces simplify the cleaning process

  • As per our Tray Denester the design is fully mobile and hygienic

tray types.png

Please feel free to send us your trays for evaluation along with your details and we will happily test them on our machine.


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