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  • 80 trays per minute pick speed

  • 30 second pick head change over

  • Servo Drive for fast accurate picking

  • Simple programming for each tray saved in their own file

  • Denests PET, Foil and the new style Kraft trays

  • Available in single, double and now triple lane versions

  • Drop in adaptor to allow the denest of round trays

  • Angled or round surfaces simplify the cleaning process


  •  Height adjustable to suit conveyor

  •  Low level tray indicator alarm

  • Quick interchangeable pick heads for different tray types

  • Adjustable up to 300mm wide trays

  • Easy set up with program saved to tray type

  • Can be controlled directly from the main line

  • Fast changeover between tray types

  • Stainless steel construction for easy wipe down

  • Pick heads can be fully washed down

  • Can easily denest aluminium and paper press trays

  • Denest trays up to the rate of 80 units per minute

Round Tray Adapter_0001.jpg

Round Tray Adapter

If you need to denest round trays our drop in adapter makes it easy.

Simply drop into place on either side of your magazine stack and you are ready to go.

The magazine adapter gives you a better fix on the round parts of the trays holding them firmly in place for the pick head to select.

Fast Pick And Place of the following trays Types

  • CPET

  • Aluminium

  • Sugarcane

  • Card Pressed

  • APET


  • PP


Please feel free to send us your trays for evaluation along with your details and we will happily test them on our machine.


tray types.png
Denester Footprint.png

With our roll in and roll out design our single and double lane denesters will fit over the majority of conveyor systems.

Simply unplug power and air and take to your hygiene station at the end of use.

After cleaning wheel in, connect supplies and you are ready to go.

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