Mark II Top Module

  • Manufacture in durable stainless steel.

  • Plugs straight into existing ports with no need for modification to the Mir.

  • All software is pre-loaded and ready to use from the Mir interface.

  • Module is only 52mm high allowing you to carry even more product on the trolley.

  • Integrates with our range of trollies and add on conveyors.

MIR Module.jpg
Trolley render.jpg

Our Latest Flatpack Adaptive Trolley

  • Strong, light and flatpack for safe easy transport across the globe.

  • Highly adaptavive allowing you to bolt on shelves, conveyors etc..

  • Fits with our remotely powered conveyor systems.

  • New improved latching system for better connectivity.

  • Autonomous Pick up and Delivery


Using our top module and adaptive trolley combination we are able to add conveyor options to suit your application.

Our trolley conveyor systems do not draw any power from the Mir system.

The Mir simply drops the adaptive trolley into place and using our in house designed power system the power is wirelessly drawn from the drop off point.